Humanity Del Sol Inc. began its journey with Quinta Betel back in 2012. Maria Lauricella, founder of HDS came down as a missionary committed to finding a solution to help our children gain an alternative therapy opportunity. By the end of her trip our children captured her heart; her mind was made up to help our kids gain a leg-up into their future. She left her start-up company upon her return to the states and began working on her vision for Quinta Betel.
Currently there's wine that has been co-created with a local Mendoza family vineyard that will contribute 80% of its proceeds to her programs for our kids. Wine is currently in pre-sale and programs are scheduled to be implemented in early 2016. She most recently joined forces with a local luxury leather bag designer to create an exclusive line inspired by Quinta Betel and our little ones. To find out more about upcoming products or to purchase a Humanity product or donate directly to their program's implementation please click here or to contact founder, Maria Lauricella, directly at mgl@humanitydelsol.org.