In 1985, on his first trip to Argentina, Dr. Charles Travis, along with Eric Rittberger (director of “Youth with a Mission”), located a sixteen-acre property with a large house, pool and shop building. This complex was purchased a a YWAM training base. Shortly thereafter, YWAM relocated to Buenos Aires thereby affording Dr. Travis and International Covenant Ministries, now Logos Foundation, the opportunity to acquire the property. It was immediately made available for use as a youth camp for local churches in the surrounding communities.

Mike and Cassie Palmer became the first directors of the youth camp. For over 8 years, they served and developed the property before returning home in 1999 to the U.S. Mario and Marta Dirimais a local Argentine couple, were appointed as directors of the camp. In April, 2001, Mario and Marta shared with Dr. Travis their burden to transition the camp into a children’s home. Confirmation was immediate and plans were set in motion to do so.

God added a new family for the next chapter of Quinta Betel. Everett and Marcy Conaway and their 2 children are from Callahan, Florida. In June of 2009 they left for Argentina to work with Mario and Marta. The Conaways served 2 years as missionaries in Ecuador and before that spent a year in Costa Rica learning Spanish. To find out more about the Conaways visit their web site

Over the last 3 years we have built a learning center for our kids to have a place for study and recreation. We have built a camping facility with a pavilion, kitchen, and two dorms for hosting church camps, birthday parties, and other events. This facility helps to raise money for the operation of our children’s home.

In 2013 we are planning the construction of another home. The history of Quinta Betel has been an incredible journey and we are certain that the future will be even more amazing.